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Day One Agenda - 23 March 2020


Attendee registration and refreshments


WELCOME and Chair's opening remarks

Michelle Ash CEO, GEOVIA Division, Dassault

Michelle Ash Dassault


Keynote presentation: A roadmap to underground electrification

  • Utilisation electrification to provide economics and strengthen licence to operate
  • Understanding what it takes to move from electrification to renewable power to meet demands for carbon reduction in mines
  • Creating a safer working environment 

Reserved Senior Vice President, Australia, Newmont Goldcorp


Keynote Panel: Brand new day

A panel of mining and non-mining industry leaders talks about the importance of mining industry, and company, brands, and what they represent

  • How has traditional branding changed, and what new values do today’s brands need to encapsulate?
  • Collaboration and consolidation are keys to solving some of mining’s major technical challenges. But how do companies build sustainable competitive advantage and how are their big points of difference projected to product consumers, investors and future employees?
  • How can miners better project and protect their image, and meet the changing buy-in standards of the world’s biggest brands?

Moderator, Senior Representative, Uptake


Presentation: Next generation mine fleets

  • What new plant and equipment, matched to various control, information and communication technologies, will have the biggest impact on mining in the next decade?
  • Where are leading miners and contractors spending money, and why?
  • What changes are coming to help mine optimise operation and maintenance of the fleets of the future?


Sponsor presentation by MMD 




Break and refreshments

Insight Stage

11:05 – 11:15 – Delivered by Honeywell
11:15 – 11:25 – Delivered by VEGA
11:25 – 11:35 – Delivered by Uptake
11:35 – 11:45
11:45 – 11:55
11:55 – 12:05







A New Way of Thinking: AI in Mine Development

  • Effective implementation of AI related applications to reduce errors and waste, and boost efficiency
  • Acquiring valuable data in real time to support better decision making

Senior Representative, MMD


Creating substantial value through successful change management

  • Understanding how to spark mining innovation with technology
  • Adopting leadership techniques to foster sustainable value in the business
  • Reskilling, collaborating and rethinking mine operation to be profitable


Achieving operational excellence with artificial intelligence

  • Exploring the use of Machine learning and Deep learning in mine development
  • Examining data assert for better decision making

Michael Zolotov, Co-Founder and CTO, Razor Labs

Michael Zolotov Razor Labs

 Case study: disrupting traditional models of conveyor design, manufacture and installation

Senior Represenative Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

Conveyor Manufacturers Australia




Knowledge Exchanges







A new mineral exploration landscape

  • Surveys, initiatives and technologies changing Australia’s exploration prospects
  • Data and what it says about discovery rates
  • Can Big Data change tomorrow’s exploration success rates

Sophie Hancock, Senior Exploration Geochemist & Data Scientist, Geo-Logic Resources Consulting, Director, Australian Institute of Geoscientists

Sophie Hancock Geologic Resources Consulting

Decarbonisation:  How will we be powering mines and plants in future?

  • Addressing rising pressures on business sustainability and energy consumption
  • Using renewable energy sources to mitigate climate change regulatory impacts
  • Exploring solar and diesel hybrid solutions in remote mines





Case study: Lifecycle services and advanced software that to create productive and stable operations

    A low energy, water and emissions driven future

    • A step change across the value chain in mining, processing and waste disposal
    • How do we reduce energy and water with today’s technology?
    • New technologies: a transformational change to mining value

    Dr Ben Adair, CEO, CRC ORE




    Break and refreshments

    Insight Stage

    15:15 – 15:25 – Delivered by Motion Metrics
    15:25 – 15:35– Delivered by AspenTech
    15:35 – 15:45 – Delivered by LASE 
    15:45 – 15:55
    15:55 – 16:05
    16:05 – 16:15



    Setting the scene: How to create sustainable value into the future in a changing world full of risks and uncertainties
    Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS)- case study

    • Identifying sustainable multi-sector development strategies in mining regions to boost shared benefits, equitable economic diversification, and local employment
    • Strengthening and Social and Environmental Sustainability
    • Understanding government capacity to apply good practices

    Sven Ulrich Renner, EGPS Program Manager, World Bank

    Sven Renner World Bank


    Fire side chat: How to create sustainable value into the future in a changing world full of risks and uncertainties

    • The impact of regulation on mining footprints, project delivery timelines, and market responses
    • Boom-bust cycles and how the industry can improve the predictability and value of its investments, and returns
    • The 10-15-year horizon for mining and miners – what is visible, and what might emerge to change the view completely?
    Moderator: Nneoma Nwogu, Senior Counsel, The World Bank Group
    Matthew Johnson, Partner, Global Head of Mining, Hogan Lovells
    Nneoma Nwogu World Bank      Matthew Johnson Hogan Lovells

    Presentation: Tech Startup Competition
    This competition will be offering innovative start-ups an opportunity to share their products before both the audience and an expert panel of industry figures. The panel will then decide upon the winning start-up


    Chair's closing remarks and end of day one


    Networking drinks reception



    Day Two Agenda - 24 March 2020


    Attendee registration and refreshments


    Chair's opening remarks 


    Opening keynote address

    Tania Constable, Chief Investment Officer, Minerals Council Australia

    Tania Constable Minerals Council Australia


    Keynote Panel: Striking the right balance between ESG and profits

    Large traditional investors in mining say there’s an unequivocal correlation between strong company culture and profits, which is a big departure from past thinking on this increasingly vital topic. Here a high-level executive panel offers fresh insights into mining’s ESG challenges, the clear and present threats posed by social licence approval trends, and the rise and rise of ESG investors. Hear more about:

    • How mining companies are tackling social risk differently to other risks, and the pace of change in this area
    • How companies are turning insight into actions and demonstrable improvements in community connections
    • What it takes for companies to translate high level frameworks and principles into constructive on-ground actions 

    Moderated by senior representative from Honeywell  
    Reserved:  Global Lead, Social Responsibility (sustainability & external affairs), Teck Resources    


    On-stage interview: Empowering women in mining

    As the industry strives to improve its performance and place in society, maximising gender and cultural diversity has been found at the forefront of most business objectives. Achieving the right mix of skills, ethnicity, gender and generations will offer a plethora of benefits to help deal with the rapidly evolving challenges facing the industry. Hear more on:

    • How mining boards and managerial structures are changing
    • What initiatives and messages are resonating with a younger generation of women (and what’s not)
    • How mining’s digital and technology-driven future can speed change in its gender and cultural composition
    • How effective change management can improve workforce retention

    Alexandra (Alex) Atkins, Non-Executive Director, Perenti; Director – Perth, Australia, International Women in Mining
    Heidi Pass, Chief Geochemist, Gold Fields Ltd
    Alex Atkins Perenti and International Women in Mining     Heidi Pass Goldfields




    Insight Stage

    11:00 – 11:10 – Delivered by PETRA
    11:10 – 11:20 – Delivered by iVolve
    11:20 – 11:30 – Delivered by MMD
    11:30 – 11:40
    11:40 – 11:50
    11:50 – 12:00






    Exploration and the supply of critical minerals

    • Utilising modern technologies to identify new reserves deeper under cover
    • Reaping the benefits of real-time sensing and drilling technologies
    • Identifying and promoting best practice in data acquisition, processing, sharing and integration to improve data quality and reduce issues with integrating large exploration datasets

    Exploration and the supply of critical minerals

    • Understanding the role of automation and robotics in mining
    • Addressing challenges with cultural acceptance of technologies
    • Fostering skills in the operation and maintenance of autonomous and robotic equipment

    Senior Representative, iVolve



    Case study: Deep Sea Mining and metals 

    • State-of-the-art deep sea harvesters, with maximum respect to our ocean’s health
    • Suppling the metals for our future
    • Why is a multi-disciplinary approach better than one standalone method?

    Gerard Barron, CEO & Chairman, DeepGreen Metals Inc

    Gerard Barron DeepGreen Metals

    Transitioning to intelligent mines

    • Integration and optimisation of all technologies across the mining value chain
    • Adapting governance models to support agile principles
    • Lessons learnt from the transformation journey

    Senior Representative, Motion Metrics





    Knowledge Exchanges






    Case study: Mardie Salt project- Developing a salt project with zero carbon footprint and leading technology

    • Develop the project into a long-life operation, producing both salt and SOP via the solar evaporation of seawater

    Water quality & management

    • Better tool, better model, better stewardship
    • Decreasing liability and risk
    • Increasing sustainability in the industry

    Professor Lesley A. Warren, Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Chair in Mineral Engineering, Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining, University of Toronto

    Lesley Warren Lassonde




    • Leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage
    • Transforming data into value that will capture savings and increase profits 
    • Using predictive analytics to identifying potential risks well in advance

    Senior Representative, AspenTech


    People Process Technology: digital transformation tri-factor for innovation

    • Maximising technology capabilities to innovate
    • Streamlining processes to save cost 
    • Implementing effective change management techniques in the organisation

    Michelle Ash, CEO, GEOVIA Division, Dassault

    Michelle Ash Dassault




    Insight Stage

    15:10 – 15:20
    15:20 – 15:30
    15:30 – 15:40
    15:40 – 15:50
    15:50 – 16:00
    16:00 – 16:10



    On-Stage Interview:  Investing in gold miners and the outlook for the industry

    • Understand global gold market structure
    • Responsible sourcing of gold
    • What the future will look like

    Jake Klein, Executive Chairman, Evolution Mining

    Jake Klein Evolution Mining


    Presentation: Technology, transparency, transformation, talent: Risks or opportunities?

    • What will separate the leaders from the also-rans? 
    • What will the ‘new norms’ look like?
    • What are the opportunities?


    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using more energy-efficient technology and improving waste management 
    • Becoming a bigger part of solutions rather than being a perceived problem
    • Becoming more unified in the way it confronts hostile detractors, and builds more constructive community engagement mechanisms
    Thomas Schröder, PhD, Head of Climate Action, South Pole
    Elizabeth Steyn, Cassels Brock Fellow in Mining & Finance Law. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Western University
    Thomas Schroder South Pole   Elizabeth Steyn Western University


     Closing remarks and end of conference