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Day One Agenda - 23 March 2020


Attendee registration and refreshments


Welcome: Teresa Ndlovu, Senior Conference Producer, Aspermont Media

Chair's opening remarks: Michelle Ash CEO, GEOVIA Division, Dassault Systemes

Michelle Ash Dassault


Keynote Presentation: The 2020 and beyond multi-stakeholder business

The mining industry has long known the benefits of stakeholder engagement. However how do you leverage multi-stakeholder engagement in your business and capitalise for your future? 

  • Adopt a culture of learning from beyond our own borders to bring all stakeholders to the value table
  • Learn how to organise, design and implement the next generation operating models for the mining industry 
  • Be prepared to collaborate - from contractors, our people, to stakeholders beyond the gate and head office, the power is in collaboration and co-design

Jon Wylie, President Global Natural Resources, Proudfoot

 Jon Wylie President Natural Resources Proudfoot    new-proudfoot-logo


Presentation: Showstoppers - The advantage of trust

Considering the Showstoppers is one of the 3 Keys to Conquering Uncertainty - and there is no greater Showstopper in the mining industry today than the loss of Trust. Transforming mining will require us to think differently about the value we provide and balance the promise of technology with the potential of humanity.
George Hemingway, Partner, Head of Innovation Practice, Stratalis Consulting

  George Hemingway Stratalis


Keynote Panel: Changing perception through disruptive technology

A panel of mining and non-mining industry leaders talks about the importance of mining industry, and company, brands, and what they represent

  • Shaping the future of mining through disruptive technology
  • How has traditional branding changed and what new values to today's brands need to encapsulate?
  • Collaboration and consolidation are keys to solving some of mining’s major technical challenges. But how do companies build sustainable competitive advantage and how are their big points of difference projected to product consumers, investors and future employees?
  • How can miners better project and protect their image, and meet the changing buy-in standards of the world’s biggest brands?

Moderator: Ashutosh Agarwal, Director Portfolio and Industry Strategy - Manufacturing and Mining,  Uptake

Kalev Ruberg, VP Future and Chief Innovation Officer, Teck Resources

Kalev Ruberg Teck Resources  Ashutosh Agarwal Uptake


Presentation: Mine Smarter, Load Quicker
•       Understanding current loading, hauling and material processing challenges
•       Implementing the latest MMD automation technologies to optimise processing efficiency and provide safer working environments
•       The future for material processing in the mine
Lee Hillyer, Managing Director, MMD      

Lee Hillyer MMDMMD



Break and refreshments

Insight Stage

11:05 – 11:15 – Delivered by Honeywell
Remote operations, driving business agility and cost competitiveness 
• Digital technology is enabling remote operations by optimising the mining workforce  
• Remote operations for control, Automation like never before, enhancing operator effectiveness and removing them from harm's way.    
• Remote operations for centralised expert support. Driving business agility by combing data-based decision making with subject matter expertise. 

Shane Booker, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Honeywell Connected Plant, Honeywell
Honeywell Shane Booker Honeywell
11:15 – 11:25 – Delivered by VEGA
Opening the lines of communication
• How do we measure?
• How do we communicate?
• What do we communicate?

Tony Scarborough, National sales lead for Inventory, Logistics and Supply Chain management and, Industrial IOT, VEGA
  VEGA Tony Scarborough National Sales Lead VEGA
11:25 – 11:35 – Delivered by Uptake
11:35 – 11:45 - Delivered by iVolve
How to build a smart mining workforce
• Know More: Removing barriers to data access
• Achieve More: Building Augmented teams by empowering Individuals
• Our Solution, the iVolve Cloud Platform

Callum Coe, Product Manager, iVolve Pty Ltd 
iVolveCallum Coe iVolve

11:45 – 11:55 - Delivered by Schaeffler Australia 
Mobility for Tomorrow
• Who we are as Schaeffler and our role in Australia?
• Sustainability
• Industry 4 and IoT

Tony Dintino, Regional Sales Manager East,  Schaeffler Australia

Schaeffler  Tony Dintino Schaeffler
11:55 – 12:05 - Delivered by Proudfoot
Conducting the orchestra: Working across silos to achieve One-Plan
• Learn how integrated planning is enabling seamless Pit to Port operations
• Assess how well aligned you are to a One-Plan perspective
• Know when plans need a new way to construct the orchestra

Helder Santos, Managing Director Natural Resources, EMEAA, Proudfoot
   proudfoot-squarelogo-1551977609031Helder Santos Managing Director Natural Resources Proudfoot




MINE DEVELOPMENT (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

Joe Clayton JNP Resources




A new way of thinking: AI in mine development

  • Effective implementation of AI related applications to reduce errors and waste, and boost efficiency
  • Acquiring valuable data in real time to support better decision making
  • Leveraging digital thinking to support the success of the business

Lee Hillyer, Managing Director, MMD

Lee Hillyer MMDMMD

Innovation to solve actual problems

  • Why innovate? Is there a problem in the first place?
  • Time is of the essence – we can’t get enough of it!
  • Novel simplicity – reducing the problem (and solution) to its simplest form

Ben Smith, Business Development Director,  Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

Ben Smith Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

Reserved for SAP

MINE DEVELOPMENT (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

Joe Clayton JNP Resources




Deep Learning Neural Networks (DNN) (Not Machine Learning) AI Ready?

  • DNN 101
  • How to unlock greatest value from your data
  • DNN check list and use cases

Mark Majzner, General Manager Austalia, Razor Labs

Mark Majzner Razo Labs

IoT in mining tailings: the wider implication of tailings on the industry and on the global economy

  • A review of the driving factors behind tailings creation, past, present and future
  • How we deal with the challenge of tailings management and governance in the next 5 years will decide the direction governments, regulators and local communities take towards the mining sector 
  • What are the challenges around connecting our tailings dams and how can you go about doing so in the most effective way utilising IoT technologies?

Nick Provost, Regional Director Mining Innovation, Inmarsat Enterprise

Nick Prevost Inmarsat

Inmarsat eading global provider of satellite-enabled managed connectivity services for mining organisations

Transforming water quality outcomes 

  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Better tools, better models, better stewardship
  • Better Environmental performance outcomes

Professor Lesley A. Warren, Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Chair in Mineral Engineering, Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining, University of Toronto

Lesley Warren Lassonde




Knowledge Exchanges - Tailored discussion with Business France 


Knowledge Exhanges - Tailored discussion with MMD





EXPLORATION (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

Joe Clayton JNP Resources




A new mineral exploration landscape

  • Surveys, initiatives and technologies changing Australia’s exploration prospects
  • Data and what it says about discovery rates
  • Can Big Data change tomorrow’s exploration success rates

Dr Sophie Hancock, Director, Australian Institute of Geoscientists

Sophie Hancock Geologic Resources Consulting

Case study: Lifecycle services and advanced software that to create productive and stable operations

• Long term benefits delivered by a collaborative approach
• Case Studies of Advanced Automation Technology benefits
• How digital twins can assist in performance sustainment
Nic Castelijns, Principal APC Consultant, Honeywell

Nic Castelijns Honeywell


Optimising the mine – Bridging upstream and downstream processes using blast movement measurement data

  • BMT and their patented Blast Movement Monitoring (BMM) System is the only blast movement measuring technology in the world
  • The opportunity to leverage this data to optimise upstream (i.e. geological data, short term planning, blast design) and downstream processes (i.e. fragmentation, Mine-To-Mill), will add significant value to mines worldwide
  • This presentation explores these opportunities and presents the case for the future of blast movement data as a critical component of the digital mine

Jeff Loeb, Global Consulting Manager, Blast Movement Technologies

Jeff Loeb Blast Movement Technologies



EXPLORATION (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

Joe Clayton JNP Resources




Coalbed methane development: potential and challenges

  • Why do we overlook potential?
  • Technology innovation to unlock the CBM resources
  • Modeling of gas production for complex gas flow system in CBM fomations

Dr. Shimin Liu, Associate Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University

Shimin Liu Penn University

A low energy, water and emissions driven future

  • A step change across the value chain in mining, processing and waste disposal
  • How do we reduce energy and water with today’s technology?
  • New technologies: a transformational change to mining value

Dr Ben Adair, CEO, CRC ORE

Ben Adair CRC ORE


The Future of Mining: Delivering value to shareholders through productivity and efficiency increases

  • Discussing working environments and how increasingly collaborative they have become with diverse teams of people and equipment, to best work together to define knowledge on the orebody to extract greatest value
  • Addressing how new technology is required to process and integrate data with multiple datasets, to understand the ground conditions and develop mineralization hypotheses
  • Exploring how software allows people and equipment to work more closely together to not only extract ore, to make more informed business decisions with confidence

Ian Whitehouse, Product Strategy Manager, Micromine

Ian Whitehouse Micromine

Micromine Intuitive Mining Solutions



Break and refreshments

Insight Stage

15:15 – 15:25 – Delivered by Motion Metrics
How a mine in the Pilbara prevents contamination events through automated particle size analysis on conveyor belts
Shahram Tafazoli, Founder and CEO, Motion Metrics
motionmetrics-logo-w120   Shahram Tafazoli Motion Metrics
15:25 – 15:35– Delivered by AspenTech
Creating the mine of the future with AspenTech Mtell Machine Learning
• Adopting digital strategies that transform data into how to create the mine of the future with AspenTech Mtell Machine Learning?
• Why Mtell?
• What are the differences with other offerings? 
Claudio Toro-Salazar, Director- Asset Performance Management, AspenTech
AspenTech Claudio Toro Salazar AspenTech
15:35 – 15:45 – Delivered by LASE 
Laser measurement technology to improve mining operations
• Where are the main application areas for stationary or moving equipment/machines?
• What types of laser technology systems are available? 2D, 3D, Multi-Layer
• Which kind of application cases can be provided and how can I benefit from implementing and using those systems?

Lars Mohr, Manager Sales – Australia, LASE
LASE    Lars Mohr LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH
15:45 – 15:55 - Delivered by MST Global
A global perspective on the future of wireless technologies underground
• A look at current and future tracking technologies underground 
• The case for high bandwidth 
• What does the next generation of network infrastructure look like
• How do we make sense of all this data

Haydn Roberts, CEO, MST Global
MST Global   Haydn Roberts MST Global

15:55 – 16:05 - Delivered by VULKAN Drive Tech
Innovative and digital braking systems solutions to mining machinery 
• Load cells in brakes 
• Our new power supply; what parts are cutting edge technology
• App-based solutions for safety braking systems 
Stephen Samson, Managing Director, Vulkan Australia 
VULKAN Drive TechStephen Samson Vulkan Australia
16:05 – 16:15 - Delivered by Micromine
Interoperability: Challenges and opportunities for mine operations
• Discussion on the common challenges with interoperability for mining operations
• How mining operations maintain a flexible operation with agile data capture to driving the digital mine 
• A case study on how processes and technologies can be utilised to improve efficiencies and productivity
Tyler Raleigh, Business Development Manager, Micromine 
Micromine Intuitive Mining Solutions Tyler Raleigh Micromine



Presentation: Reserved for SAP



    Fire side chat: How to create sustainable value into the future in a changing world full of risks and uncertainties

    • The impact of regulation on mining footprints, project delivery timelines, and market responses
    • The changing global trade climate and landscape, and future trade divisions
    • Boom-bust cycles and how the industry can improve the predictability and value of its investments, and returns
    • The 10-15-year horizon for mining and miners – what is visible, and what might emerge to change the view completely?
    Moderator: Nneoma Nwogu, Senior Counsel, The World Bank Group
    Matthew Johnson, Partner, Global Head of Mining, Hogan Lovells
    Benjamin Little, SVP Corporate Affairs, HSS & People, IAMGOLD
    Nneoma Nwogu World Bank      Matthew Johnson Hogan Lovells  Benjamin Little IamGold


    Presentation: Tech Startup Competition
    This competition will be offering innovative start-ups an opportunity to share their products before both the audience and an expert panel of industry figures. The panel will then decide upon the winning start-up


    Chair's closing remarks and end of day one

    Michelle Ash, CEO, GEOVIA Division, Dassault Systemes

    Michelle Ash Dassault


    Networking drinks reception



    Day Two Agenda - 24 March 2020


    Attendee registration and refreshments


    Knowledge Exchange Breakfast with SAP



    Chair's opening remarks 

     Jim Orchard, Principal , Journey to Zero Carbon

    Jim Orchard Cloudpeak


    Opening keynote address

    Tania Constable, Chief Investment Officer, Minerals Council Australia

    Tania Constable Minerals Council Australia


    Keynote Panel: Integrated approach to safety – securing personnel, assets and environment  

    • Assessing the availability of technology solutions & enhancing the competency of mining personnel
    • Breaking the automation silos - integrating cyber & physical security 
    • Digitisation of mine safety lifecycle management

    Moderated by Andrew Hird, Director Honeywell Process Solutions - Pacific, Honeywell  

    Paul Robbins, Group Head - Asset Effectiveness, Evolution Mining

    Nick Prevost, Regional Director of Mining Innovation, Inmarsat Enterprise

    Andrew Hird Director Honeywell Process Solutions Nick Prevost Inmarsat


    On-stage interview: Empowering women in mining

    As the industry strives to improve its performance and place in society, maximising gender and cultural diversity has been found at the forefront of most business objectives. Achieving the right mix of skills, ethnicity, gender and generations will offer a plethora of benefits to help deal with the rapidly evolving challenges facing the industry. Hear more on:

    • How mining boards and managerial structures are changing
    • What initiatives and messages are resonating with a younger generation of women (and what’s not)
    • How mining’s digital and technology-driven future can speed change in its gender and cultural composition
    • How effective change management can improve workforce retention

    Interviewer: Jim Orchard, Principal, Jouney to Zero Carbon
    Interviewees: Alexandra (Alex) Atkins, Non-Executive Director, Perenti; Director – Perth, Australia, International Women in Mining
    Dr Heidi Pass, Chief Geochemist, Gold Fields Ltd
    Jim Orchard Cloudpeak    Alex Atkins Perenti and International Women in Mining     Heidi Pass Goldfields




    Insight Stage

    11:05 – 11:15 – Delivered by PETRA
    Crossing the chasm - How can engineers and geologists learn to trust machine learning and AI? 
    • Whilst the mining industry is very good at innovating and achieving early adoption, like all industries, we also struggle to ‘cross the chasm’ to the ‘majority’.
    • How does the industry ‘cross the chasm’ to achieve sustained value creation from scalable machine learning and AI technologies? Adoption is key, and as those who have read “Crossing the chasm” will know, just because a pilot is successful, it doesn’t mean the ‘majority’ will embrace it?
    • This session will share what we have learnt about engaging the ‘majority’ from our work deploying machine learning and AI technology into over 20 mining operations across six countries. 

    Dr Penny Stewart, Mining Engineer and Founder, PETRA
    PETRAPenny Stewart PETRA

    11:15 – 11:25 - Delivered by MMD
    MMD’s Bulk Ore Sorting System – Grading material at the mine face
    • What is Bulk Ore Sorting and what does it offer?
    • Understanding the MMD Bulk Ore Sorting System and key implementation considerations
    • The main benefits and efficiencies gained by employing this system

    Lee Hillyer, Managing Director, MMD
    MMD  Lee Hillyer MMD

    11:25 – 11:35 - Delivered by SAP
    11:35 -  11:45 - Delivered by Management Controls
    One of the best kept secrets in the Oil & Gas Industry comes to Mining
    • Improve fatigue management and safety outcomes through accurate tracking of your workforce
    • Access real time data to drive value and improve productivity across your contractor workforce for a 5% to 15% value upside
    • Use digitalisation to enforce contract terms and conditions while also driving rate, skill, headcount, schedule and other compliance items 
    Delanie Boase, Managing Director - APAC Region, Management Controls   
    Management Controls   Delanie Boase Management Controls
    11:45 - 11:55 - Delivered by Xage Security
    Comprehensive blockchain-protected cybersecurity for the modern mine
    • To improve operational efficiency, mining companies are increasing their levels of automation.
    • With automation, however, comes risk. Cybersecurity is critical to achieving efficiency while maintaining safety.
    • Learn how Xage Security improves operational security by supporting autonomous operations in real time with role-based access control.
    Phil Pereira, Business Development Manager, Xage Security

    XAGE Security   Phil Pereira Xage Securities
    11:55 - 12:05 - Delivered by Milwaukee Tools





    MINE DEVELOPMENT (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

    Joe Clayton JNP Resources


    The #HEADSUPS initiative - Future of Work

    We live in a changing digital world, but despite the advancements in technology and digital innovation, the future of mining still lies in people. Stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital economy.

    • Learn the best ways to invest in your workforce to maximise engagement, retention, safety, ideas and innovation
    • Assess the way your leaders engage with their teams to deliver results in a multi-stakeholder, complex world
    • Leverage the intersection of people and technology to deliver sustainable and profitable growth

    Jon Wylie, President Natural Resources, Proudfoot

    Jon Wylie President Natural Resources Proudfoot


    Insight versus instinct: Don’t fall victim to the data trap

    • Why sites that embrace technology are so far ahead. An exploration of the changing landscape of a smart mine
    • Your competitive edge must be built on the wisdom of your decisions
    • Innovation starts with data and ends in knowledge.  Kim shares her experience on the journey in-between

    Kim Parascos, Founder and CEO, iVolve Pty Ltd 

    Kim Parascos iVolve



    MINE DEVELOPMENT (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

    Joe Clayton JNP Resources


    Changing the metals game: the potential of deepsea mining in the Clarion Clipperton Zone

    • An outline of DeepGreen’s NORI D project and its current status
    • An overview of the technology being used in exploration and to be used in the extraction phase
    • How DeepGreen is planning to manage the environmental impact of the project

    Gerard Barron, CEO & Chairman, DeepGreen Metals Inc

    Gerard Barron DeepGreen Metals

    Using AI and 3D Imaging to Provide Real-Time Particle Size Analysis on Haul Trucks

    • The Problem (Particle Size Analysis and Boulder Detection on Haul Trucks and Barriers to Implementation)
    • The Solution – TruckMetrics (How it Work and Field Trials)
    • Conclusion – Future Work

    Shahram Tafazoli, Founder and CEO, Motion Metrics

    Shahram Tafazoli Motion Metrics





    Knowledge Exchanges - Tailored discussion with Proudfoot





    MINE DEVELOPMENT (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

    Joe Clayton JNP Resources


    Case study: The use of machine learning to avoid common failures

    • Avoiding catastrophic equipment failures by catching accessory system anomalies
    • Detecting critical failures in slurry pump
    • Monitoring equipment with limited instrumentation – conveyor belt systems

    Richard Diering, Senior Principal Consultant, AspenTech

    Richard Diering AspenTech


    Case study: Transforming underground mining in the Philippines

    • Building the capability within the company to modernise
    • Leveraging technology to improve safety in mine
    • Effective change management technique for your workforce

    James Allnutt, Project Manager, OceanaGold

    James Allnutt Oceana Gold



    CONNECTIVITY & DIGITISATION (Room Chair: Joe Clayton, Director, JNP Resources)

    Joe Clayton JNP Resources


    LTE mobility providing a safer future for mining at Newcrest Lihir

    • Connectivity challenges of mining a geothermally active extinct island volcano
    • The case for LTE to enable new mining technologies and digitalisation
    • Project results, successes and business impacts
    • Insights gained, lessons learnt and future directions

    Senior Representative, Telstra Mining Services


    Fireside Chat: Striking the right balance between ESG and profits

    Large traditional investors in mining say there’s an unequivocal correlation between strong company culture and profits, which is a big departure from past thinking on this increasingly vital topic. Here a high-level executive panel offers fresh insights into mining’s ESG challenges, the clear and present threats posed by social licence approval trends, and the rise and rise of ESG investors. Hear more about:

    • How companies are turning insight into actions and demonstrable improvements in community connections
    • What it takes for companies to translate high level frameworks and principles into constructive on-ground actions 

    Kieren Moffatt, CEO and Co-Founder, Voconiq

    Emile Mortensen, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Standard Australia

    Kieren Moffatt VoconiqEmilie Mortensen Standards Australia




    Insight Stage

    15:05 – 15:15 - Delivered by RedEye
    The Future of Asset Management
    • What is digital twin and the future of modern asset management for critical infrastructure
    • The long-term productivity gains associated with digitalising downstream engineering practices
    • The immediate productivity gains from starting with small steps on the digital journey
    15:15 – 15:25 
    15:25 – 15:35
    15:35 – 15:45
    15:45 – 15:55



    On-Stage Interview:  Investing in gold miners and the outlook for the industry

    • Understand global gold market structure
    • Responsible sourcing of gold
    • What the future will look like

    Jake Klein, Executive Chairman, Evolution Mining

    Jake Klein Evolution Mining


    Innovating for a more sustainable mining industry

    • How do we collect, evaluate and progress ideas for improving sustainability across operations?
    • How do we measure these in terms of contribution to our overall strategic goals?
    • How do we take these from pilot to scale?

    Daniel Nimmo, Business Transformation Lead Mining, Dassault Systemes

                                     Daniel Nimmo Business Transfomation Lead Mining Dassault Systemes       3ds-2014-logotype-bluesteel-rgb


    Keynote Panel: Defining the mining industry’s approach to managing climate impact and risk

    As concerns around environmental issues rise, so has the desire to minimise negative environmental impact. This panel will explore how the industry is:

    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using more energy-efficient technology and improving waste management 
    • Becoming a bigger part of solutions rather than being a perceived problem
    • Becoming more unified in the way it confronts hostile detractors, and builds more constructive community engagement mechanisms
    Thomas Schröder, PhD, Head of Climate Action, South Pole
    Elizabeth Steyn, Cassels Brock Fellow in Mining & Finance Law. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Western University
    Dr Suzie Wood, Principal Climate Change Sustainability and Public Policy, BHP
    Dominic McGann, Partner, McCullogh Robertson
    Thomas Schroder South Pole   Elizabeth Steyn Western University Suzie Wood BHP Dominic McGann McCullough Robertson


     Closing remarks and end of conference

    Jim Orchard, Principal, Journey to Zero Carbon

    Jim Orchard Cloudpeak






    Case study: The use of machine learning to avoid common failures
    • Avoiding catastrophic equipment failures by catching accessory system anomalies
    • Detecting critical failures in slurry pumps 
    • Monitoring equipment with limited instrumentation – conveyor belt systems

    Water quality & management

    • Better tool, better model, better stewardship
    • Decreasing liability and risk
    • Increasing sustainability in the industry

    Professor Lesley A. Warren, Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Chair in Mineral Engineering, Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining, University of Toronto

    Lesley Warren Lassonde