Talison Lithium
About us

Talison Lithium Australia Pty Ltd (Talison Lithium) is a West Australian based mining company formed in 2009.

We are a private company now owned by joint venture partners Tianqi Lithium Corporation / IGO Limited JV (51%) and Albemarle Corporation (49%).

Talison Lithium and its predecessor companies have been producing lithium minerals from the Greenbushes Lithium operations since 1983 and the Greenbushes area is recognised as the longest continuously operated mining area in Western Australia (circa 1888).

The mining and processing operations at Greenbushes have been upgraded and expanded over the decades to increase production and incorporate new technologies as demand for lithium minerals has grown.

Many of the senior management team and employees at Talison LIthium have been working at the Greenbushes mining operations for 20 to 30 years ensuring continuity and long- standing relationships with stakeholders including customers and the local communities surrounding the mining operations.

Talison Lithium commenced a $320m project to construct a second chemical grade lithium concentrate production facility and associated infrastructure in 2017. The official opening of the Chemical Grade 2 (CGP 2) facility took place in 2019. This more than doubled production capacity of lithium concentrates to 1.34mtpa.

Construction of a third chemical grade lithium mineral production facility at Greenbushes is underway.

The increased production will enable Talison Lithium to supply lithium concentrates for two new lithium hydroxide (downstream processing) operations at Kwinana (Tianqi Lithium/IGO Limited JV) and Kemerton (Albemarle Corporation) underpinning a large downstream lithium processing industry in Western Australia.