Nerospec SK
About us

Nerospec SK is a German entity founded in 2020 as a joint venture between the Nerospec Group, a South African mining electronics and software company and Schmidt Kranz, the German holding company that operates multiple companies in the global mining sector.
Together we are a modern technology company with a strong engineering heritage and an international footprint that benefits from our decades long rich mining history.
We leverage emerging technologies to protect the lives and livelihood of miners and ensure the operating of machines in mines is ever safer, more efficient and more productive. The Nerospec Group has a decades long history deploying specialist communications and other
digitisation technologies in South Africa.
Nerospec’s heritage within the machine digitalisation space has contributed much to the safety level standards that are now leading requirements globally.
Over the past years Nerospec established themselves as the preferred intervention control (level 9) partner to most major mining machine OEM’s and end user mining clients.

Telephone: +4917616898808

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS IN MINING & TECHNOLOGY WE OFFER: 5G, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Communications, Underground, Data, Electronics & Control Instrumentation, Fleet Management Software, IOT