Global Pumps
About us

Global Pumps is a leading supplier of high-quality pumps for the mining industry, offering solutions to meet the unique needs of each mining operation. Our portfolio includes slurry pumps, peristaltic hose pumps, magnetic drive pumps, and MetaLine coating products, all designed to deliver optimal performance and longevity in harsh mining environments.

Our experienced engineers and technicians provide customised solutions for both small- and large-scale mining projects and support you throughout the life of your equipment to ensure superior performance and longevity.

Telephone: 1300 145 622

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS IN MINING & TECHNOLOGY WE OFFER: Bearings, Machine Parts, Components, Assemblies, Cables, Hoses and Pipes, Gaskets and Seals, Mining Equipment, Pumps, Replacement Parts, Secondary Linings & Finishing Surfaces, Stainless Steel Components