Kalev Ruberg
Kalev Ruberg
VP Future and Chief Innovation Officer
Teck Resources

Kalev Ruberg has been active in the information systems arena for more than 40 years. As a BSc and Masters graduate from MIT, he studied at the Architecture Machine Lab (now the Media Lab). He continued his digital simulation research; first at the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST) in Washington DC and University of California Berkeley Labs, then at Georgia Tech as an assistant professor. In 1982 he joined Canada’s National Research Council in Ottawa as a Senior Research Scientist where he developed a number of machine learning algorithms in the artificial intelligence field. Joining IBM Global Services, he designed large machine learning and control systems for IBM Manufacturing and for clients worldwide. In 1998 he was appointed the CIO and Deputy Minister to the Finance Minister at the Government of Manitoba where he was responsible for the government’s Information Services. Subsequently, he led development at a B2B e-commerce company. and then as a VP at TELUS, he was responsible for Application Development and Business Development and for developing the IT strategy and offerings for TELUS’ Healthcare vertical. As the CIO and Executive General Manager for Information Services at Placer Dome, formerly the largest gold mining enterprise in the world, he led the restructuring of technology services worldwide. Kalev joined Teck in 2006 as Chief Information Officer and was appointed Vice President, Teck Digital Systems (TDS) in 2017. Kalev has been integral to the success of numerous important initiatives, including the consolidation of all digital systems into a single One Teck environment; the integration of information systems and operations technology; the introduction a new company-wide information systems and technology governance structure; and the operational deployment of machine learning and analytics. Most recently, he has been appointed Vice President, Future, and Chief Innovation Officer where he is responsible for building an innovation pipeline, leading Ideas at Work and continuing to manage important technology partnerships. Kalev has published more than 30 papers in proceedings and journals.

Email: kalev.ruberg.fomaus2020.events@aspermontmedia.com
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